Kieran Kelly

Raspberry Pi

We have purchased two Raspberry Pi starter kits and are looking to get programming with Scratch on them with some boys from fifth and sixth class. We are going to hook the Raspberry Pi devices up to old PC monitors and use the Scratch, which comes with OS to develop our programming skills.  The board

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WiFi Problems!

Having started in a new school in September I was bursting to share my ideas with the pupils and staff on blogging, Mission V, scratch programming, Khan Academy and a host of other I.C.T. ideas for the pupils to enjoy. Unfortunately, when we turned on the thirty new laptops and they all logged onto the

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Maths Eyes

As the summer holidays approach and the pupils in my class head off to different parts of the world and the country on their holidays the last thing they think about is maths! So over the last week we have being training up our Maths Eyes. So when they do leave I hope they will

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