Raspberry Pi

We have purchased two Raspberry Pi starter kits and are looking to get programming with Scratch on them
with some boys from fifth and sixth class.

RaspberryPi scratch

We are going to hook the Raspberry Pi devices up to old PC monitors and use the Scratch, which comes
with OS to develop our programming skills.  The board has General Purpose Input and Output [GPIO]
pins that can be connected to a variety electronic modules, sensors, motors or other control systems
and software can be created to perform tasks. Using the lesson plans from raspberrypi.org we will
learn how to control the GPIO pins using scratch. CLICK on image to go to lesson plans.


You can get a RaspberryPi Starter Kit and booklet from Malpins with cables, an LCD screen, LED lights and lots more to allow the pupils experiment and develop their skills.


Of course there will be plenty of reading undertaken first from excellent teaching and learning resources available from raspberrypi.org page. Click on image below to go to lessons.



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