WiFi Problems!

Having started in a new school in September I was bursting to share my ideas with the pupils and staff on blogging, Mission V, scratch programming, Khan Academy and a host of other I.C.T. ideas for the pupils to enjoy. Unfortunately, when we turned on the thirty new laptops and they all logged onto the WiFi, we ground to a halt. Memories of Dublin and the M50 at rush hour traffic flooded back to me and the same sinking feeling came over me. Teachers have abandoned using the laptops on mass due to the difficulties with the WiFi.

Image result for m50 traffic

I’ve had the I.C.T. experts in and the issue investigated and no solution has being found.

    • We have the latest WiFi Routers
    • We have the latest WiFi cards in the laptops
    • We are located in the city centre so there is most likely interference from other networks. We are looking to change the channels to see can we find less busy one!
    • We have changed the WiFi Router passwords and made them stronger. to prevent hacking.
    • Increase the WiFi Range using beer cans! This is going to be our Science Week Investigation, without the beer cans. Click here of method.
  • Top 10 Ways to Boost Your Home Wi-Fi
  • If this investigation doesn’t work we are going to buy Wifi Extenders.
  • Finally, we are going to setup automatic WiFi router rebooter.

As I looked at the Summer Work Scheme Circular I wondered does all of this come in under Priority/Category 2: electrical? I could just get Ethernet cabling into all of the schools rooms for 30 laptops!

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