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Summer CPD with #MSDreamSpace

Summer wouldn’t be the same if #MSDreamSpace with @TeachNetIreland didn’t host Summer Courses😎 “Get ready to ignite your students’ curiosity, embrace computational thinking, and embark on captivating game-based learning adventures. Join the Dream Space team as they delve into three innovative blended courses that empower you to create engaging and effective learning environments, all while […]

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Class Hook

I love using video clips to help students get interested and excited about a topic. It’s a great way to start a lesson, and video is a great stimulus to motivate pupils and get them involved in a lesson right away.  From promoting critical thinking to making real-world connections, you can use video clips for

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EU #CodeWeek 2023

EU Code Week (Or fortnight🤔) is back this month, October 7th – 22nd as it continues the mission to mainstream coding, computational thinking, and digital literacy among young people across Europe and beyond. From humble beginnings in 2013 this annual event has grown exponentially with last years 10th iteration seeing 78 thousand events registered and

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