As temperatures hit highs of 20 degrees around the country pupils are eager to go outdoors and have some fun. How do we continue to integrate I.C.T. tools into our outdoor lessons? As we bring children outside to explore mini-beasts and complete the orienteering course it would be fantastic to be able to record what they have done. Having a camcorder that is robust and waterproof is essential when dealing with primary school pupils. The VTech Action Cam is the ideal camera for this and it can be bought for under €50.

VTECH2 (324x270)

The action camera means pupils can record and play back their videos instantly. They can record all types of indoor and outdoor videos. Once indoors they can edit them and post them on the school website to share with others.

PCAdvisor (627x365)

Click on the picture above to read a full review from PCADVISOR of the camera. In my opinion this is a cheap, sturdy and portable device for videos that won’t break the I.C.T. budget!



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