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As the summer holidays approach and the pupils in my class head off to different parts of the world and the country on their holidays the last thing they think about is maths! So over the last week we have being training up our Maths Eyes. So when they do leave I hope they will be still learning about maths! Grasping at straws I know, but I have to be optimistic. For those of you that haven’t come across Maths Eyes here is a bit of back ground: “Having Maths Eyes changes the view of mathematics as being something everyone just does in school. With maths eyes people see the mathematics they do every day so mathematics becomes real and meaningful.” For example one of the pupils in my own class has just posted a picture of the Taj Mahal from Google Images. It is then up to the person to look for all of the mathematical concepts that in the picture.


  • How many different 2D shapes can you see?
  • How many lines of symmetry can you see?
  • How many trees can you see?
  • How many arches can you see?

The maths questions are endless. As the previous post has stated Google Images means that all you need is a tablet or PC/iMac with internet access.  There is no need for any other ICT tools to kick start the pupils interest in Maths Eyes. Of course one can do geography or any other curricular subject once they find an image.

Each of the pupils in my class are loading the pictures onto the school blog and we then check them out on the Ineteractive Whiteboard [IWB]. I’ve promised a prize for the best Maths Eyes picture. Of course if you wanted to add in other ICT tools you could get pupils to take pictures around the school grounds or get them to email pictures into the school e-mail address. Look at the Louvre Pyramid. Endless Maths and easy ICT tools.


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