Tagging and Categorising on your school blog

blogs_browserI’ve noticed that a number of schools are setting up new school websites either with Scoilnet blogs or with WordPress.com, which is fantastic. These provide schools with a great opportunity to communicate their news and the pupils achievements with the school community.


The one thing that I do notice on these sites is that the blog posts are not categorised or tagged. Categorising is just like the contents of a book, while tagging is like the index. If you catergorise and tag properly people that visit your site will be able to navigate more easily around your site. You can create categories for each subject.

You can create categories for the different events that your school participates in such as the National Children’s Choir, Athletics, Hurling, chess, Spanish or anything else that your pupils undertake.


Categorising and tagging makes it easier for users to find the fantastic things your school has accomplished during the year so please CATEGORISE and TAG all of your posts. Also, by categorising and tagging you advertise your site on GOOGLE because the key words will be picked up by their search engines.

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