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Summer CPD with #MSDreamSpace

Summer wouldn’t be the same if #MSDreamSpace with @TeachNetIreland didn’t host Summer Courses😎 “Get ready to ignite your students’ curiosity, embrace computational thinking, and embark on captivating game-based learning adventures. Join the Dream Space team as they delve into three innovative blended courses that empower you to create engaging and effective learning environments, all while […]

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AI & Additional Assessment Components in the Senior Sciences

Over the last few weeks I have been carefully and studiously analysing the new draft specification for Senior Cycle Biology. The new specification was published in December and the NCCA have initiated a consultation process, hearing from all stakeholders. Biology is set to be taught in schools from September 2025, along with both Chemistry and

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Class Hook

I love using video clips to help students get interested and excited about a topic. It’s a great way to start a lesson, and video is a great stimulus to motivate pupils and get them involved in a lesson right away.  From promoting critical thinking to making real-world connections, you can use video clips for

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