Class Hook

I love using video clips to help students get interested and excited about a topic. It’s a great way to start a lesson, and video is a great stimulus to motivate pupils and get them involved in a lesson right away.  From promoting critical thinking to making real-world connections, you can use video clips for lots of different reasons in a classroom setting.

One tool that I often use for this is ClassHook, a tool that lets teachers find video clips to share with students to help make lessons more relevant. ClassHook is an online platform that gives teachers access to over 7,400 educational scenes from popular television shows and movies. It covers dozens of topics, and they have a keyword search option and filters to help you choose the right clip to share with your students. This is a great time-saving feature that is built into ClassHook, making it easier to find relevant video clips that are engaging and connected to the class level that you are dealing with.
Unlike other video sharing platforms, ClassHook offers a great way to get to video content quickly and without the need to edit or adapt for age groups, as this has been done for you. So, the best quality content, much from mainstream and recognizable media, that is super engaging while still being useful to illustrate concepts is now easily accessible for teachers.

ClassHook offers a basic free account, but for some of the more advanced features you’ll need to go for a premium option. The Free plan gets you 10 videos per month, six student assignments, and no credit card is needed.

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