Organising resources for teachers & students in Teams

My latest discovery on Teams that I think is worth sharing is the new classwork section. The classwork section in teams creates a space where students can access a range of resources such as; one note pages, power points, forms quizzes and word documents.

This tool on Teams benefits teachers by streamlining their lesson planning & facilitating a space for a comprehensive system of storing resources for each topic within each class team. It allows teachers to create modules & add to them in advance of teaching the topics & then publish the module to students in their own time. This means there is no need to have several tabs open to find what you need!

Classwork allows you to add new or existing resources to each module. You can create a module in advance of teaching the content & publish it to students view when you are ready! Modules can be edited at anytime by the teacher. A drag & drop tool makes it easy to add files & content to each module created.
You can also pin a module to the top so that students can keep on track with their current topic!

Classwork allows more time for teaching & less time spent finding/organising resources. It provides the tools needed to support students learning by making it easy for them to find all of their class content in one place!

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