Upskill this Summer with TeachNet CPD

TeachNet is delighted to offer 15 EPV-approved summer courses for the 2024 season. Once again, face-to-face, blended and fully online courses are open for enrollment As usual we are offering some of our staple technology courses on using Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 and digital tools for SEN.

However, this year we are delighted to bring you three new courses: An Introduction to AI for Primary Teachers (online), Farming at Sea: Links to the Primary Classroom (online). We are also delighted to offer our Farming at Sea course in blended. The face-to-face elements will take place in Carlingford on July 1st & 2nd.

An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Gen-AI in particular has really taken the world by storm over the past few years. Experts would all agree that it is (and potentially has already) going to have a significant impact on the world of education. This course will allow you to explore AI in the context of the primary classroom. We will delve into the potential benefits of using AI, sample ideas for incorporating it into your practice to aid productivity, how children can use AI for enhancing their learning, as well as the risks and ethical concerns around the use of AI in education. The course has been authored by a number of teachers who have actively been incorporating AI into their teaching, and will be sure to bring this perspective to the course. If you are looking for ways to improve the learning experiences you can offer to your class while saving yourself time, then this is certainly the course for you!

Farming at Sea

TeachNet is also pleased to offer the ‘Farming at Sea: Links to the Primary Classroom’ course in both fully-online and blended forms. This course will allow participants to delve into the world of aquaculture, which is the process of framing fish and shellfish. While the course covers many areas, the inclusion of an inquiry-led approach can really help teachers to plan for lessons within STEM education. TeachNet are delighted to partner with the Aquaculture Remote Classroom 9ARC) for this course, and support will be provided by experienced ARC educators.

Other Courses

TeachNet also have a number of returning courses, including our ‘Development Education in the Primary Classroom’ course in collaboration with Plan International. We also have a number of Curious Minds-linked courses including ‘Teaching Space in the Junior Classes’, ‘Discover Climate and Science’ and ‘STEAMing through Dark Skies and Biodiversity’. 

Whatever course you are looking for this summer, you can rely on TeachNet for an enjoyable experience, where courses are designed to provide you with an increased skillset that will benefit you and your pupils next year.

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