AI education for students: brAIn_waves

AI has become a hot topic in education, for both positive & negative reasons. As with all new technology, it’s important that students understand what it is & how to use it correctly!
Microsoft Dream Space have teamed up with RTE Learn to do just that! In a new online series aimed to educate students about what AI is, how it works & how they can ethically use it in everyday life.

brAIn_waves is a six episode series, two of which are aimed at upper primary level, designed to educate post-primary school students on the fundamentals of AI, computational thinking, algorithms, the impact of AI & the ethics for using it.

This series is extremely useful for teachers, as along with the videos there is a fully downloadable teachers guide with student activities & links to the key skills of Junior Cycle & Senior Cycle. The guide includes keywords, lesson objectives, lesson plans & worksheets!

With the guide students are encouraged to watch the series, complete the activities & then work in teams to develop their own AI & enter the brAIn_waves competition.

This is an excellent resource & a great opportunity for both teachers & students to increase their knowledge & awareness of the use of AI.

The series & downloadable teacher guide can be accessed here:
brAIn_waves: An AI adventure with RTÉ Learn and Dream Space TV (

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