STEM Activity: Moon Camp Challenge!

The moon camp challenge is a fantastic opportunity for all primary and secondary students to get involved in to help showcase creativity and to aid with student learning of Earth and Space science (JC Science, and other modules).

The moon camp challenge, which is organised by the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Airbus Foundation, involves students designing their own human habitat on the lunar surface, or even other planets in the solar system, or perhaps even on structures similar to the International Space Station (ISS).

The projects must be related to the human exploration of space in some way, and the format of the project is extremely flexible to allow all students to participate. Projects can range from scientific experiments, 3D models, digital drawings, arts and crafts and so much more – the possibilities are infinite!

Projects can vary in their complexities, and so each team can decide how complex their human habitat can be. The challenge is open to all levels (primary and post-primary). Submissions can include images, videos and models of the project.

All projects must be submitted before 25th April 2024 – so there is still time to try this activity out with your classes! Each group will receive a participation certificate and be acknowledged at a live showcase event in May.

So if you have a class you want to try out the challenge, have a look at this website and watch the video below for more details!

“To Infinity and Beyond!”

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