National Geographic MapMaker screenshot

National Geographic MapMaker

National Geographic MapMaker is a nice mapping tool that I’ve used in the past with my students. It was recently updated with an improved user interface, additional data sets, and more annotation tools.  With NatGeo MapMaker you can create custom maps to display datasets, to compare datasets and to illustrate correlations and geographical points. National Geographic MapMaker includes …

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Feedback in OneNote

Feedback can be provided in several ways using OneNote Using Digital Inking Students can upload their work to their OneNote. Teachers can then use digital inking to correct and provide feedback online for students to view. See example below using digital inking to correct maths homework on OneNote. 2. Audio The Audio function on OneNote …

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Ready Player One

One of the more unusual items in my educational CV is esports coach*. I helped to get an esports club off the ground in the high school I worked in Virginia. eSports to the noob is online video game competitions played professionally, in 3rd level universities and increasing in secondary schools, predominantly in the US, …

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Trying out Podcasting

I’m an administrative principal, which gives me very little opportunity to regularly work with classes so I’m always looking for opportunities to work with groups of pupils where, if I’m not available for some reason, it’s not affecting the teacher too much. I decided I’d take 6 students to set up a podcast and try …

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