Cleaning Up Your Youtube Experience

YouTube video has been used in the classroom for a long time now and ever since it became popular teachers have started using them for a wide range of purposes.

While understanding the educational value, we are all aware that there are a huge number of inappropriate videos, ads, comments and external links available.
Here are some tools that you can use to clean up YouTube videos from the clutter of ads comments and other stuff  if you are using it in and out of the classroom with your students:

SafeShareTV is a service that can be used to watch YouTube videos without viewing the ads, links, comments and the related videos around it. What you need to do is to go to
SafeShareTV and copy & paste your link. It gives you a new link to view your video on a separate screen. You can view the videos full screen by right clicking on it. This tool also allows us to crop Youtube videos.

ViewPure is another tool to watch safe videos on another screen. Just copy and paste your link and watch it in a separate screen. If you are giving YouTube homework, you can give the video link from Viewpure, it works very well.

YouTube XL is another service by YouTube itself for watching videos in a large screen without ads and comments. You can search videos using this service though it shows you the spotlight videos in the first screen but you can filter your videos using the settings. You can also create a list of videos and watch them in order.
Another way to get rid of all the extra stuff is to write “quiet” in front of the youtube video address. It takes you to a safe page where you can watch the YouTube videos.

CleanVideoSearch helps you to search YouTube videos without viewing the comments, ads and the sidebar. It also allows you to choose how many videos you would like to see on each page. deletes all the distractive features around the videos and it also allows you to search Youtube without seeing any other extra stuff and search results.

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