Visual Schedules for Special Education Needs [SEN] pupils

Having spent many years teaching in a main stream primary classroom I returned to school this year with the exciting challenge of teaching children with special educational needs [SEN] as a resource teacher. The Down Syndrome website​ provides an excellent list of free and commercial software that you may use within your classroom. A  site that was really informative with regards to visual schedules was Teacher Space. This had a number of short videos which outlined how to use a visual schedules with SEN pupils. ​


After watching the videos I set about creating visual timetables for my own pupils. Of course there is no point in re-inventing the wheel and I found a number of websites which provided Ready to Go printable and IWB visual schedules. 


Printable Resources

IWB Visual Schedules

I know that these are only touching the surface of the number of ICT resources and I hope to read and learn much more over the school year on using ICT to enhance the teaching and learning within my class. Another useful class blog that I will be using for resources is ​of a colleague in school and it can be accessed here​

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