3P Learning Release Mathletics App for Tablets

As this is the beginning of Math Week Ireland 2012, I feel a Mathematics related posting is opportune. Our school has been using 3P Learning’s Mathletics online programme for four to five years now. This is a flash based online subscription based programme sold in Ireland by CJ Fallon. Each subscribed pupil has his/her own individual username and password to access the programme whereby they can engage with with interactive online content that is matched to the five Mathematics strands of the Primary School Curriculum. Pupils can also join in competitive online Mathematics games with other pupils in other schools from all around the globe, thereby sharpening their Mathematic skills. More and more pupils have broadband internet access at home these days and we have found using Mathletics a great tool to extend learning in Mathematics at home also.


As Mathletics is flash based, it hasn’t been accessible on the Apple iPad up to now. However, 3P Learning has been taking stock of the growth of the tablet market in recent times and the expected increased growth of sales of tablets in the next few years, so they haven’t been sitting back but have been working away on the develoipment of a Mathletics app suited to tablets. This Mathletics Student app which was released last week on the iTunes Storejust doesn’t make the website available on a tablet but has been customised so that the Mathletics content can be delivered directly to the tablet. The Apple IOS version of the app is suitable for use on all iPads though3P Learning say it has been optimised for use on second and third generations of iPads. I am looking forward to testing it out in school this week as one of our Maths Week Ireland 2012 activities. At the moment, users using the app can join in Mathletics Live games and a small number of the wide range of 1000 curriculum based Mathletics activities. However the Mathletics team will be adding to the range of activities available to app users over time. An Android version is in development and promised for later on.


If your school hasn’t investigated Mathletics yet, why not contact your CJ Fallon rep and sign up Online for a free trial of Mathletics during Maths Week Ireland 2012?

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