Using Quizizz for Assessment in the Primary Classroom

I recently came across a new online quiz tool “Quizizz” and quickly realised its potential as an online assessment tool for the primary classroom. Quizizz+1-pagerSimilar in ways to “Kahoot“, Quizizz provides realtime feedback to a teacher and their pupils as they engage with a series of questions on tablet devices, mobile phones, laptops or desktop PCs. Quizzes can be created from scratch or can be selected from a bank of quizzes created by other users of the website.
The initial registration process is quick and simple; username, password, email, country, school and user type- (there is no email validation in the registration process).
The creation of a new quiz is quite straightforward and it only takes a few minutes to create a fully functioning quiz; teachers would find it useful to have a bank of pictorial resources associated with the quiz topic close to hand; I would suggest using a scanner, document camera (Visualiser) or digital camera to capture images that pupils might have created themselves. My own first Quizizz used images pupils had drawn about an SESE History lesson on the “Brown Bull of Cooley” and “Cuchulainn”, both directly related to local legends.
Image2 Image7Image8Image9
Clicking on the “Create your own quiz” tab brings up a simple step through process; images can be uploaded and added to both the front page of a quiz and to each subsequent quiz question.
A minimum of 2 or a maximum of 4 answer options can be included in each question and one of the options must be set as the “correct” answer; the time variable ranges from 5 seconds to 5 minutes.
Each time you enter a question you have the option to either add an additional question or to finish; currently there is no limit to the number of questions in each quizizz. After selecting the “finish” option there is one final step; this step adds subject and topic tags to the quizizz to facilitate searching and the “Grade level”. A “Quizizz” can be private or public; a private quizizz does not show up in a search.
Before proceeding to go ahead and make the quizizz available to pupils you can adjust some quizizz settings; jumble order, show leaderboard, show answers or a question timer. Image15ver2When you click on proceed you are presented with a quizizz URL and a pin code; pupils use this URL and pin code to access the quizizz on their own devices.
Pupil entry is a simple two step process, the pin code and then their own unique name. Once they enter the quizizz they are randomly given an avitar to represent them during the activity.
The next image is a screen shot showing the teacher’s browser on the left and four active pupils on the right hand side.
The next image is a screen shot showing the teacher’s browser on the left after the “Start Game” link has been clicked; the four active pupils are on on the right. (Note: the random option is enabled on this quiz so pupil 3 has been presented with a different question; pupil four has yet to commence.)
The quizizz ends automatically once all of the pupils have completed the questions. The teacher’s browser will reflect pupil progress in realtime and also the number of correct / incorrect answers for each question.
At the end of a quizizz the teacher can see a detailed report of each pupil’s responses and the data can be saved locally in the form of an Excel spreadsheet.
Quizizz – a fun and engaging online assessment tool!

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