Introduction to AI for Primary Teachers

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This course is designed to introduce teachers to the concepts of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how they can incorporate AI tools and technologies into their teaching practices. By learning about AI, teachers can gain a deeper understanding of the technology and how it can be used to engage pupils in innovative ways. This understanding can help teachers overcome the challenges of integrating new technology into their teaching practice and give them the confidence to experiment with new approaches. Through the course, teachers will learn how AI can be used to personalise learning, provide real-time feedback, and identify areas where pupils may need extra support.
Technical Requirements
All our courses require broadband Internet access and participants need to be familiar with using the internet, downloading and installing software.
Course Objectives
    • Participants will understand the fundamentals of AI and data powered tools and their potential applications in the primary classroom.
    • Participants will be able to identify opportunities for integrating AI tools and technologies into teaching practices.
    • Develop the skills and knowledge needed to use AI to personalise learning, engage pupils, and improve learning outcomes, and be able to apply these skills in the classroom.
    • Participants will explore the ethical considerations involved in using AI in education and be able to evaluate the responsible and appropriate use of AI tools and technologies.
    • Participants will learn about the impact of AI on future use in school including policies and procedures and school self-evaluation and planning.

Expected Outcomes

    • Participants will understand the basic concepts of AI and the key terminology associated with AI and data use in education
    • Participants will develop understanding of ethical considerations related to AI and access potential benefits and drawbacks of AI in education.
    • Participants will explore examples of AI-powered learning tools and Identify age-appropriate AI tools and resources.
    • Participants will explore approaches for integrating AI concepts into existing lessons and appreciate the teacher competences that will be required
Course Duration
Delivered online, this course can be taken anytime between July 1st and August 16th, 2024. Participants are required to engage meaningfully with online content for approximately 20 hours. Whilst participation and engagement with the course content will be primarily judged on the quality of their contributions, an attendance roll will be kept and a log of their time spent working online.
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