BETT 2020 took place in January. BETT is one of the worlds largest gathering of school leaders and educators. It is a hub where tech, ideas and people come together to inspire everyone about the future of education and the role that technology can play in unlocking learning and enhancing the classroom experience for all learners.

If you didn’t attend BETT 2020 here are some ways to get up to speed with innovations in Education Technology that can help amplify student voice, improve communication and collaboration in your class, unlock limitless learning for all learners and much more.

What’s New in EDU Series

Follow all three days at BETT 2020 in the links below.

Episode 1 – Find out about devices that change the game in the classroom, updates to #Edtech tools like Microsoft Edge and Powerpoint that help improve the student experience in the classroom.


Episode 2 – Find out about updates to Minecraft that help students with their social and emotional development, updates from Hacking STEM and the new and improved Microsoft Educator Center for 100% free teacher CPD.


Episode 3 – Find out how technology can support inclusion and accessibility in your classroom. Find out how Learning Tools can make a real difference in your classroom to support all learners to achieve more.

As always to stay up to date with the latest news and updates from Microsoft Education check out the blog and links below.

Microsoft Education Blog

What’s New in EDU BETT Recap




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