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Promethean recently released their fourth annual report on “The State of Technology in Education 2019/20” which gives insights and trends on important factors relating to edtech. Contributors to this survey included over 2,000 teachers, school principals/heads, deputy principals/heads, IT managers and support staff from primary schools, secondary schools and other educational institutions across the United Kingdom and Ireland. Technology is seen as essential in a digital world. Some concerns reported include budget worries, increasing workloads are making training a luxury and teachers not having access to up to date resources.

Teacher Training

Teacher satisfaction with the edtech training that they receive has fallen from 55% being satisfied with the amount of training they received four years ago to only 16.5% being satisfied in 2019/20. About one third of teachers believe that sufficient funds are not being spent on training. Only 6.5% today say they receive full support and training.
Training priorities identified by respondents in the survey include:

  •  Pupil safety/safeguarding
  •  Curriculum/governmental change
  •  Modern learning techniques
  •  Career progression/personal development (CPD)
  •  Technology trainingTraining Priorities

Top Five Technologies expected to grow the most:

  1.  Cloud-based lesson planning and delivery tools (35.8%)
  2. Online assessments (31.4%)
  3.  Virtual reality and augmented reality (25.3%)
  4. Robotics/coding (21.8%)
  5. Remote learning technology (21.6%)

There is broad agreement among teachers, school leaders and IT managers on the question of the technologies that will grow most in the next few years. All three groups are in agreement on the growth of cloud based lesson planning and delivery tools.

You can access Promethean’s full report on The State of Technology in Education 2019/20 by following the link.

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