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Triptico ( ) is an excellent resource for teachers to use in conjunction with their interactive whiteboards that currently contains around 20 different interactive resources – all of which can be easily edited, adapted and saved for later use.

Because Triptico is an application that runs on your computer (it runs on Adobe Air, so it’s compatible with both Macs and PCs), it can be used with any make and model of interactive whiteboard. This and the fact that it is free makes Triptico an absolute must have for every teacher wishing to make better use of technology in the classroom to engage students and foster classroom participation.

Once you have installed and launched the application, you can explore the different activities available by scrolling from left to right in the main screen or simply by clicking on favourites, which returns an very handy navigation pane.

From there you can easily navigate to any of the different interactive activity makers and you can then customise your own activities to suit your subject and lesson. The resources on offer are often game-show inspired and range from (relatively) simple timers, image spinners and student selectors to games, quizzes and text analysis tools. The screenshots below give you an idea of the plethora of classroom-based interactive activities available

The brains behind the Triptico resources is David Riley, a teacher himself who aims to provide “inspiration for imaginative teachers”.

Any activities that you create with the app can be saved. These saved files are just simple text files. A saved file can be used with any copy of the app and so you can share all of the files that you create with colleagues. It also means that you – or your students – could create activities at home and use them in the classroom.

One quick technical point: install the software with Internet Explorer as Chrome and sometimes Firefox give an error.

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