Promoting Reading Fluency With AudioBoom in the Classroom


In the junior classes we are continuously working towards getting the children to become fluent readers. There are so many different ways to help promote fluency in the classroom and one of my newest and most favourite ways is using audioBoom.

AudioBoom is a free platform that allows anyone to record and share podcasts.  In the classroom, the children simply use it to record themselves reading a story and then share it with others by creating a QR Code (all done on AudioBoom) so that students can listen to each other’s reading.

Asking students to work on fluency and read a book several times so that they are reading it in a “just right” voice is not something most 6 and 7 years old want to do.  HOWEVER, tell them that they will be recording themselves and that classmates will be listening to their recording…you have a class full of excited readers.audioboom2

We use audioboom to record the children reading the book aloud. We then print a QR code for the recording from within audioboom and attach this to the book. When the code is scanned with an ipad or tablet device the audio can be listened to. The children really enjoy listening to themselves and their peers read and the process really helps improve their fluency.

Once QR Codes are put on the books, we place them in a special spot in the classroom so students can listen to each other read throughout the school day.

Audioboom is very easy to use.

  1. Just sign up at It takes less than a minute, and it’s free.
  2. Click the recordbutton at the top right hand side of the site. This will trigger the online recording tool. You can also install the audioboom app on a smartphone or tablet and record your audio that way
  3. Add a titledescription, category,and an image if you want to.
  4. Click Publish.

Within a minute or so, your clip will be live on the web, with its very own page that you can share on Twitter, post on Facebook, or email to your friends. You can even embed our player right into your own website with some simple HTML code. Printing the QR code is also one of the options


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