Digital Storytelling with Adobe Spark Video

Adobe Spark (now officially known as Adobe Creative Cloud Express) is a video storytelling tool for web browsers and mobile devices. Adobe Spark video allows children to create digital stories – these stories can include text, background music and audio voice overs. This can really make writing accessible to all learners, as it takes the need for constructing large blocks of text away.

How does it work?

When creating a new Spark video you have a number of options – as you can see on the image below video, text, images or icons can be added. If you are using a tablet device, Spark will allow you to take a picture using the camera on the device. There are also different layout options, allowing you to create a ‘split screen’ mode if you wish.

In-Built Features

An impressive feature of Adobe Spark is the in-built image library. Finding free. Copyright free images online is as simple as searching for a term. There is also a large bank of musical options built-in to Spark to add as a background to your digital story.

Using it in the Classroom

Over the past number of weeks I have been using Spark Video to tie in with my work on the narrative genre. I have asked students to come up with their own narratives and draw an illustration for the cover, setting, problem and solution. The students are then recording their voice to explain what is happening in the narrative. This has made the writing process so much more accessible for students of all abilities. I have included some examples of their work below.

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