Apple Notes for productivity and organisation

I’ve mentioned before, when I introduced Wakelet as a tool for collating resources, that I am not too good at being organised. I rely on technology a lot of the time to help me to catalogue, save, store and house things on the go for easy access. I know I’m not the only one, I’ve met lots of learners who are just like me. I’ll bet you have too. Apple notes on my iPhone and my iPad have been a brilliant way for me to store things I’ve come across in one place for easy reference, or for sharing, especially if I am on the move! In this week’s Blog (or is it really a Vlog?) I’m going to share some screen recordings talking you through how to use Apple Notes, so you can show them to your learners if they have an Apple device. Particularly helpful for those with executive function difficulties.

How do I create and format a Note

It’s important to know how to get started. This clip talks you through how to find the App on your iPad or Phone, and how to add text and hyperlinks.

Video on how to set up a Note and format text

How do I add images and voice type?

Video on voice typing in Notes

But I really want to make it structured.. how can I add tables?

The answer is…..really easily. Watch this clip to learn how to add and edit tables

How do I organise my notes?

You can create folders, and smart folders in Notes ,just to make it easier to find things. This means you can use hashtags in the text in your notes, and then any note that contains that hashtag, will automatically go into a specific, smart folder…. you need to watch the video to learn more.

Video on creating folders, tags and smart folders

How do I share my Notes with myself, with others, with the world!

You can keep your genius to yourself or you can share your note with others. Watch the clip to find out how…..

Video on how to share a note
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