280 Slides


280 Slides is a free online application that lets you create presentations quickly and easily right in the browser.
With it, you can create a presentation, theme it, add graphics and video, and then present it, share it via SlideShare, or download it as a PowerPoint or PDF file. It’s so smooth to use that it’s hard to tell the difference in the experience between working in a traditional presentation application like Microsoft PowerPoint.
280 Slides is a notable online replacement for any desktop presentation application. It’s fast, functional and very visual. It is designed to really look and feel like popular desktop based applications people are used to such as PowerPoint.
Your presentations are stored “in the cloud” so you can access them from any computer connected to the Internet. You’re also able to take advantage of great services like Flickr and YouTube, putting the media of the web right at your fingertips, just a quick search away. Best of all, when you’re done creating, you can share your presentation using SlideShare, e-mail, or directly through the built in viewer.
Of course, sometimes you may not have the Internet with you and that’s why they make it really easy to download a copy of your presentation as a PowerPoint file. One to watch I think.

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