Whole class teaching using IWB

For the last couple of years I’ve being out of the mainstream classroom and thus had fallen out of touch with using the IWB for whole class teaching. ​I soon got back into the swing of things and recalled how helpful Folens Online and CJFallon’s Digital Hub are in having the curriculum books available for the IWB. The online books are available for primary and secondary.


If your school has Folens books then you should have received an activation code to gain access to the online resources. All of the books are available for you to display on your IWB. From their handwriting books to their excellent Unlocking SESE eResources. I especially enjoyed The Salmon of Knowledge for junior infants. During maths once I have done the introduction to the lesson and have set the pupils work to complete I put up a page from Folens Maths Detective for early finishers. 

CJ Fallons have excellent online resources for all of their books as well. Again you will have to get an online login from CJ Fallons first. I find their Bun go Barr series (posters, interactive resources, CD and ebooks) very useful. As the class is reading a particular page you can have that page  open on the IWB.

CJ Fallons also provide weblinks for their SESE books that teachers may find helpful.

If your school is using Folens books or CJ Fallons books then you should make use of their online resources too.

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