Wakelet Introduction





We as educators we are naturally curious and are continually trying to improve the quality of our teaching and learning.




Wakelet is an online resource that will allow you to present information in a very engaging and visually appealing fashion for your students. Your students can create a wakelet collection about a particular topic drawing from resources that exist on the internet to really make learning personalised and self directed.

Wakelet is an online curation tool that will allow you and your students to create a collection of all different types of media such as pictures, video, documents and much more.



Getting started with Wakelet is easy and finding out more is best achieved by going to Wakelet.com and creating your 100% free account.

Start adding content to your first collection and you will not look back!




Wakelet can be a powerful tool for you and your students and help you to promote student participation and student voice. In our next post we will include a step by step guide on getting started with Wakelet and how it could be used in your classroom.


Here is a really informative educators guide ebook on Wakelet

Wakelet ebook


Stay tuned!!




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