Interview with Chris Dede, Professor in Learning Technologies at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education – Download MP3

In our latest TeachNet podcast Michael Hallissy interviews Professor Chris Dede on the background to the recent US Education Technology Plan, ‘Transforming American Education, Learning Powered by Technology’.  Chris was a member of the Technical Working Group that developed the plan and he provides a fascinating insight into the content of the plan and the process used to create it.  Chris is the Timothy E. Wirth Professor in Learning Technologies in Harvard’s Graduate School of Education and his fields of scholarship include emerging technologies, policy and leadership.  In this podcast he outlines the thinking behind the plan which the Technical Working Group saw as an Education Plan and not just an Education Technology Plan.  Interestingly the plan focuses primarily on Learning, Assessment and Teaching before engaging with issues such as Infrastructure and Productivity.  We have also included links to the plan and to two recent talks given by Karen Cator, Director of Education Technology in the US Department of Education and Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan on the plan.  We hope you enjoy the podcast, and we look forward to hearing your comments on how Ireland might learn from the plan and the process that was used to create the document.​

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