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The TELMS (Technology Enhanced Learning Mentoring) Erasmus+ Project has been running for the past two years.  The project focused on peer mentoring staff to use TEL (Technology Enhanced Learning) in their learning, teaching and assessment strategies.  The TEL peer mentoring model has been developed by South Eastern Regional College (SERC), Northern Ireland over the past ten years.

SERC, through the project supported  City of Dublin Education and Training Board (CDETB), Ireland; the Solski Centre Kranj (SC Kranj), Slovenia; SIS Malignani (Malignani), Italy to establish a TEL peer mentoring programme in their colleges.

SERC trained 8 mentors at a transnational short-term staff training event in Northern Ireland at the project outset and they subsequently supported the mentors to establish & deliver a TEL Pedagogy Mentoring Programme to 16 teachers in their own organisations.

The project has been hugely successful, and staff have used an array of digital technologies to support learning, teaching and assessment practices in their own organisations.  The project website has developed a toolkit that captures the process and it also shows how teachers used a variety of digital tools to support learning.  To see how you can use tools such as Kahoot, Padlet, EdPuzzle, Sway, OneNote and many more with your learners visit the site over the coming weeks to learn how partners have used these resources with their learners.

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We are still uploading resources to help teachers and their managers to embed TEL their practice and we would love to hear your views on the materials you find on the website.  So happy exploring….

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