Become more productive with OneNote tags

Becoming More Productive with OneNote Tags

OneNote provides a fantastic platform to keep all our educational content organised in one place. However, as the academic year moves along and we continue inserting all types of content into our Notebook, we may find out that locating resources quickly can become more and more difficult. This is when tags can become useful as they make organisation, categorisation and retrieval of information a breeze


What are OneNote tags?

OneNote tags are small symbols that you can insert anywhere on a page close to any content, making easy to find or categorised information.

You can find OneNote tags in the Home Ribbon. You can check out the list of the tags available by clicking the Tag dropdown menu. Here you can find all type of tags: check boxes for to-do lists, starts to highlight some important or question marks to follow-up information later on.




Adding a tag to your page

Adding a tag to your page is quick and simple. Place your cursor where you want the tag to appear. Then click on the “Tag” dropdown and choose the tag you want to add to your note. After you click the tag, it will show up on the page next to your content

The “Tag” dropdown displays the icon of the last tag you chose. If you are adding the same tag over and over, you can just click the button instead of the dropdown to add that tag again. When you want to change to a different tag, you will need to click the dropdown arrow to choose another tag from the list.


Removing a tag from your page

To delete a tag from your page, simply right click the tag and choose “Remove Tag”.




Customizing tags

OneNote also allows you to create your own custom tags. To add a custom tag, simply choose the “Customize my tags” choice from the “Tag” dropdown. A window will open on the right side of the screen. Click the “Add” button at the bottom to choose a name and symbol for the tag you wish to create. Hitting the “Ok” button will add the tag to the your list.



Show all tags

As you begin to use tags to organize your content, you may want to see all tags of a certain type together. OneNote provides an easy way to search content by tags. Click the “Find Tag” option in the Home Tab. A “Tags Summary” window will appear on the right side of the screen listing all tags and a brief summary of the tagged content. When you hover over an item in the list, it will become a link that you can click to navigate to the page and area with that tag.



OneNote is a great program for storing notes, links, pictures, and other content. As your OneNote pages grow, tags can give you a method for organizing and finding content quickly and easily. I hope you found this post informative and could follow the short video animations to practice for yourself.


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