Every teacher has accumulated a number of websites ​that they use every day for teaching different topics. At the moment I’m teaching the pupils about money. Three great websites that I find very useful to teach money in the primary setting are: 

imageThis is an award winning game for primary school pupils to learn all about using money on a day to day basis. Pupils love when they earn money and are able to buy toys, clothes and other accessories. Suitable for all pupils.​​

imageThere are over 15 different euro money games located on this Teaching money website. It is an excellent resource for teachers, pupils and parents. And if the euro does fail it teaches you can change the currency.

imageI use this webiste to show pupils the different prices of food. Pupils are able to do the weekly shop and buy what they we want to. I also give the pupils a budget of €20 euros and ask them to buy a healthy dinnetr for 4 people. We are able to discuss the origins of food as well as healthy eating. 

delicious.com​ which is an excellent way to bookmark and share websites with colleagues and others. I have my own delicious.com account, but none of the other teachers have one and do not use the service. So I decided to setup a school account which all staff have access to. 

Every teacher in the school has been given the user name and password for the delicious.com and I will be encouraging and cajoling all 22 of them to add websites which they find useful everyday for all curricular topics. On occassions I have walked into a class and noticed a teacher using a great website and thought I must get the name of that website and then walked out the door 5 minutes later without it! I am hoping that delicious.com will allow all staff to share web resources easily.

As with all ICT tools that I try and get other staff to use I attempt to make it as easy as possible for them to use so that they do not get frustrated and give up using it! For this reason I have installed the delicious bookmarklet code on every internet browser in the school. This allows teachers to add websites to the delicious.com account with one click of a button. You can also add the booklet code to your iPhone/iPad browsers as well. Click here​ for more detailed information.   

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