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As I settled into completing my plans for SESE for 2014 the gale force winds and rain hammered the windows of the house. The rain and the flooding got me to thinking of the floods surrounding our school in Harolds Cross, Dublin in 2011. I was wondering how I would acquire enough maps for the 29 sixth class pupils in my class. It was then that I came across Scoilnet Maps. This is an amazing resource that is completely free for teachers. You are able to look at OSi mapping, OSi photography, as well as historical maps.


On logging into Scoilnet maps I typed in Harold’s Cross into the search box and instantly I had access to maps of the school and it’s surrounding area. Using the OPW Flood Mapping tool I was able to get a map with the possible flood plain areas around the school. We will also be able to use footage from Youtube and pictures from Irish Newspapers to look back at the 2011 floods.


Using the Draw and Measure tool I was able to calculate the perimeter of the school building and the area. Also, I was able to calculate the area of the local Harold’s Cross Park. As a class we will be able to estimate the measurements and then go out and use our trundle wheels and measure the lengths and calculate the perimeter and area and compare our answers with the Scoilnet calculations.



With the Swipe and Spotlight tool you are able to compare present day maps to historical maps. This is a great way to see what was previously on the school grounds. When the school is built in an urban area it is great to look at the historical maps and see that the land was previously fields!


Finally, I was able to export a PDF file of the school map with a grid so the class can now complete grid work using a local map. This service is an excellent resource and allows pupil to learn using local knowledge. It allows you to teach maths, English, geography, and history all in one lesson. I would highly recommend using it.

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