OneNote for Windows 10 app has a new feature called Replay, which records the Digital Ink that is input into OneNote and creates a movie like animation that can allow the teacher to pause and play at any time during the lesson.

The Replay function is very useful as it allows the teacher to elaborate on key points or highlight certain aspects of a Mathematical problem during class. Students will find this quite useful when looking to a model answer and trying to apply this to a new question.

Replay allows the student to develop their understanding of a problem and its solution by allowing the student time to follow and replay the development of a concept or problem at their own pace, in their own time. The result is nothing short of a gamechanger.

The Replay function in OneNote makes simultaneous equations a breeze as it frees up the teacher to assist students during the lesson by playing the solution multiple times and discussing key points in the solution. It can allow the classroom to be flipped with ease.

Where is it?

Replay lives in the View Tab in OneNote.

How to do it?

To replay your drawings and handwritten ink strokes in OneNote for Windows 10, do the following:

On any page, click or tap the Draw tab.

On the Draw tab, select a pen and a pen color, and then draw, sketch, or handwrite something on the page.

On the View tab, click or tap the Replay button.

When prompted, do one of the following:

Drag over your screen to select the part of your drawing or handwriting that you want to replay.

To replay all of the drawn or handwritten notes on the current page, click or tap Replay everything on the page.

During playback of your ink strokes, use the controls at the bottom of the page to manually step backward or forward in the sequence, to play or pause the sequence from the current frame, or to replay the entire animation. You can also drag the progress bar to any part of the animation that you want to replay.

To exit playback at any time and return to your notes, click or tap the X near the upper right corner of the page, or press the Esc key on your keyboard.



Replay can be used in so many ways

Simultaneous Equations in Maths


Annotations over map in Geography

Replay animated map










Annotations over science experiments

Can you think of more #Onederful ways to use Replay

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