Some Android Apps to try

There are a number of Irish websites out there that recommend Apps for tablets but they generally all tend to be for iPads, which isn’t much good if you have just bought a class set of Android tablets. That isn’t to say that you’ve made a mistake buying Android over iPads. In fact, for most things, Android tablets are just as good as iPads and, overall, you’ll find that most apps available on iPads can be found in Android tablets, and if not, there are decent alternatives. In some cases, you’ll even find some apps that iPads don’t have.

One of the biggest advantages of Android tablets, for me, is their seamless integration with Google’s Suite of Apps. Without downloading anything, most Android tablets have access to a whole suite of office apps, which can be used on any device in real time. While iPads also give access to Google’s suite of apps, it is not part of Apple’s natural eco-system so often those with Android tablets will have access to products before Apple have them on iPads. These apps are a must have on any device: Google’s Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentation, Classroom, Calendar and more are fantastic tools to start anyone off.

Here are some others:

See Saw

See Saw allows teachers and pupils to build up digital portfolios. Simply take photos of work done, add text or sound files or anything else to build up a portfolio of  work for any child.

Book Creator

This is no longer a specifically Android App as such as the company have moved to a web-based app but it is still one of the best apps out there for children to create their own books using images, video, sound and text. This video explains more.

Explain Everything

This is simply a blank screen like an interactive whiteboard screen where anything can be added and saved for future use. It’s possibly the most open-ended app on the scene!


More for parents and teachers than children, ClassDojo allows parents to log into their child’s classroom to have a look at what’s going on. They’ll know because the teacher will be putting up photos and videos of what’s happening. Some classrooms give children the opportunity to post onto their class space so parents can see the day from a pupil’s point of view.

Easy Speak – AAC Soundboard

This is a very cool app for children who may be non-verbal or need assistive technology to communicate. There are thousands of words and phrases that can be used on a sound board.


Apple iPads have iMovie, which is fantastic, but Android devices can be well looked after using this app. It does everything that most primary schools would need. All of the videos on are made using Kinemaster.

Made with Code

Some really cool projects from Google, which have been designed to enthuse girls into coding but are equally great for anyone. This video shows you how to write a program that prints an emoji on top of your cup of hot chocolate.

Handwriting without Tears (Wet-Dry-Try)

This popular handwriting program is translated into an app. It works very well and is well worth a look.

There are thousands of other apps out there for your Android tablet and by trying out different ones, you’ll find a suite of apps that suits you.


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