Microsoft Teams updates

Microsoft Teams is getting ready for September

Microsoft Teams is celebrating 2 years in education by introducing a number of updates this summer to make going back to school even more exciting next September. Based on educators’ feedback, Microsoft Teams has introduced the following new updates:


Simplified new design  – Access your existing and new Teams faster with the new grid view.

Personalised Announcements – Make your classroom announcements more engaging and personalised with this new update.


Gradebook – With this new update, all the grades from all your students will be collected in one place, making it easy for you to review and assess individual and group progress.

Import Existing Class and Staff Notebooks – Save time by reusing content and resources from existing OneNote Notebooks. Don’t recreate the wheel, this new update makes it easier to bring content into your Team.


Live captions built in into Teams Meetings – Make your lessons and staff meetings more accessible with this new update.

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