Feedback in OneNote

Feedback can be provided in several ways using OneNote

  1. Using Digital Inking

Students can upload their work to their OneNote. Teachers can then use digital inking to correct and provide feedback online for students to view. See example below using digital inking to correct maths homework on OneNote.

2. Audio

The Audio function on OneNote is very useful to provide voice feedback. This method of feedback has proven to be one of the favourite methods of receiving feedback for students. Teachers can access the Audio function by clicking ‘Insert’. When you select the audio function it will allow you to record your voice and provide students with feedback on their work.

3. Stickers and Emojis

Stickers and Emojis bring feedback to life as they catch the eye with colour and fun! Students love receiving stickers and emojis with their feedback. OneNote provides templates which allows you to edit the stickers and write your own feedback into the templates. Stickers can again be found by clicking ‘Insert’ on OneNote.

4. Checklists/Sticky Notes

Tables and diagrams can also be inserted on OneNote to provide effective feedback. Again, digital inking can be used on tables etc, making it very easy to handwrite feedback for students to view

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