Much of the narrative around education currently surrounds what children have lost out on and how they have regressed socially/academically as a result of the Covid pandemic. While this is undoubtedly true, I have not noticed a huge drop in children’s reading standards. However, it is writing, and the writing process in particular, where I have noticed the sharpest regression.  

As a result of this, I have turned to the digital tool of ‘Book Creator’ to bring enjoyment to the writing process. Book Creator is an app available on tablets (unlimited book creation for a fee of €2.99) or any web browser. Book Creator is a simple way to bring creativity to your classroom and to the writing process. There is also a large volume of books that have been published online, which can allow pupils to research and learn about various topics.

What can Book Creator do?

Book Creator allows students to create multimedia digital books, through the incorporation of text, images (from the internet or images you have taken/drawn), audio or video. There are also a large number of book templates to choose from, as well as drawing and annotating tools. Indeed, Book Creator also supports real-time collaboration for teachers and students to work together on the same book.

Book Creator in Action

Each teacher account allows you to create a free library of up to 40 books. By simply sharing the library code with your students, they can add their writing to your library. Book Creator lends itself very well to differentiating work, and allowing students to work at their own pace. Children can draw their own illustrations and upload them as an image, or to include images taken from a web browser. The ability to add voice and audio recordings also helps children who find getting their thoughts down in writing – furthermore, the audio feature could be used as a tool to convey feeling or expression within a character’s voice.

Accessibility Features

Book Creator also has a number of built-in accessibility features for both iPad and web browser. Students can use Book Creator in multiple languages, read text aloud with word highlighting (in multiple languages) and generate transcripts for audio recordings.

Overall, I have to say that Book Creator has been an invaluable tool for me, that I am using more and more over the past year. It makes the writing process an interactive and enjoyable experience, and allows students to express themselves through a wide range of media.

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