Improve Your Geography Skills with City Guesser

For years City Guesser and indeed GeoGuessr have been a popular geography game in which players have to guess the identity and location of a city based on Google Street View imagery.  I have used GeoGuessr for many years in the classroom as a means of developing Geography and mapping skills. The new version of City Guesser replaces Google Street View imagery with street level video clips. 
City Guesser 2.0 is an online geography game that uses audio and visual street video to provide hints about where in the world the city is located. Inspired by GeoGuessr, players are shown a video shot walking around a city and have to correctly place a pin on the map as to where they think that location is.
City Guesser 2.0 offers games based on cities of the whole world and landmarks of the whole world. There are also country-specific versions of the game for the United States, Canada, Russia, England, France, Japan, India, Brazil, Australia, and Argentina. Additionally, there is a version of the game covering all of Asia and a version covering all of Europe.  
This new version of CityGuessr has obvious application in the classroom. To guess correctly, pupils need to study the videos for little clues that tip-off the location. I’ve noticed that they’ll start investigating the clues in the video, sometimes opening another tab to search street names or signs. It is great to have children working in teams collaboratively trying to get as close as possible to the exact location. Its very popular with senior classes and its also a great example of how to use ICT to enhance curricular skills.

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