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Interactive Whiteboards

‘Every teacher should have one?’ In this podcast, host Clifford Brown is joined by primary teacher Nuala Crotty, administrative principal Fiona Collins and again by teaching principal Simon Lewis  to debate why interactive whiteboards have become so popular in primary classrooms and the potential these devices have to revolutionise both teaching and learning. Discussions include; …

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What if?

I was asked a few days ago if I could I do without my Interactive Whiteboard in the classroom for the next 40 days! My no-hesitation reply was “No Way!” The more I thought about this the more I realised just how integrated this piece of technology has become in my classroom. Homework notebooks and …

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TeachNet Summer Courses for Primary Teachers

​ TeachNet courses will be delivered using the new H2 Learning Platform The TeachNet team is currently offering online summer courses for primary teachers.  With EPV day approval, we are delighted to announce that the following technology related courses “by teachers, for teachers” are available: Getting the most from your Interactive WhiteboardThis course explores practical …

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21st Century Learning

The Coalition of School Networks (CoSN) published a video, “Learning to Change, Changing to Learn”  a number of years ago. The video was published in response to a US Department of Commerce survey of 55 industrial sectors in relation to their ICT intensiveness. This survey found that education ranked 55, the lowest, below coal mining. …

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All About CESI

In this podcast our host Clifford Brown talks to second level teachers Adrienne Webb and Tom Kendall, both National Executive members of CESI (Computer Education Society of Ireland), about the voluntary organisation that has been championing the cause of ICT integration in education since 1973. Topics include the history of CESI, its role, how to …

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