Real-time Behaviour Management Web 2.0 tool

I recently came across a class behaviour tool called “Class Dojo”.clip_image002 It is UK based and it is currently in beta testing. Any teacher participating in the beta testing will be allowed to use the product free of charge once it is fully up and running. I’ve tinkered about with Class Dojo and I’m impressed with the concept and I can see the benefits it could bring to a classroom.
Class Dojo is a web based tool and there are many customisable features. You can manage positive or negative behaviours, adding or deleting according to your own classroom management style.


clip_image004Avatars are assigned randomly and once out of beta phase it seems that you will be able to choose avatars or add pupil photos.The feature that caught my attention is the ability to manage the programme from a Smartphone. As soon as I installed the Class Dojo app on my iPhone I was able to award credits for positive behaviours as well as demerits for negative behaviours while walking around the room in real-time. A teacher logging in to Class Dojo using a browser and projecting on to an IWB or screen will be able to show their pupils visual notifications of behaviours appearing immediately.

Class Dojo also provides tracking analysis and reports for teachers. Merit badges, in-classroom games, leader-boards and un-lockable achievements are also promised.
Setting up a class of pupils is straight-forward and the tutorials and support are first rate. Check it out yourself at

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