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Learning to read is a long and difficult process and many pupils struggle to concentrate and stay on task when using books alone. Using a tablet offers the advantage of increasing motivation and concentration, introducing a level of variety and helping to reinforce and consolidate key aspects of the reading curriculum. There are now many apps available on both platforms that can support and consolidate our work in the teaching of reading at primary level.


iStoryBooks is a free iPad/Android app that offers 24 free digital storybooks for children aged two-eight. Most of the stories in the app are adaptations of classic children’s tales.

The iStoryBooks app gives you the option to read each story or to read along with each story while listening to the narrator. Children can practice reading and recognizing words by going through the stories with the narration turned on.

British Council

Learn English Kids is the British Council’s website for children around the world who are learning English as a second or foreign language. However its animated talking stories/phonic stories and grammar section are an ideal resource for supporting reading particularly with younger pupils or those who struggle with reading.

This site has almost 60 talking books to use at school or home, either independently or with class peers, family members or friends. It is also a useful resource to recommend to parents.

The online site at  contains all the stories that you can access from your ipad or android tablets browser There are also 2 free apps available. The grammar app is available on both platforms while the phonic stories app is only available currently for the ipad.

MeeGenius is the fun, and easy-to-use library of e-books children can enjoy.
over 2 million mobile users and 2,500 schools are using MeeGenius  and finding that it is a most helpful partner when it comes to developing a love of reading with today’s tech-savvy, young readers.

MeeGenius is a reading application for the iPhone, iPad, iTouch,as well as being available for the Web. Launched in April 2010 after 16 months of research and development, MeeGenius digitizes children’s stories, classic and new, and adds features such as word highlighting and audio playback for easy read-along. Also available on certain platforms are text and audio personalization tools, which further engage young readers.

There are currently 6 free books on the site and many in the catalogue that are available for a small fee typically $0.99 or $1.99. MeeGenius offers a collection of childhood favourites, such as “The Three Little Pigs,” “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” and “Jack and the Beanstalk,” in addition to new and exciting titles. Additional titles from well-known authors and publishers are being added on an on-going basis.

Read Me Stories

Read Me Stories is currently available for both iPad and Android mobile devices. This app adds a new book each day and is an ideal way to develop a child’s love for books and also fostering a daily reading habit.

The stories are captivating and also highlight the text as the story is read. Touching the characters on screen expands the storyline. There are 2 modes for each story ‘Read to Me’ mode or you can Read the books yourself in ‘Read Myself’ mode


Reading a picture book is fun – but reading a “book” that ships with games and moving elements is that much better. This sentiment hasn’t escaped publishers, TabTale, an Israel-based company with more than one hundred apps to its name. TabTale’s interactive storybooks provide an exciting and rich reading experience for many of the most beloved children’s stories.

Stories like:

The Princess and the Frog

Goldilocks & 3 bears

Peter Pan

The Wizard of Oz

Alice in Wonderland

Jack & the beanstalk

The Fox and the Crow and many more

Available for both platforms from the Apple Appstore and  Android Playstore

TabTale’s interactive storybooks provide an exciting interactive and rich reading experience for early readers. Richly filled with innovative and engaging activities, each book inspires young children’s creativity and imagination in a uniquely enjoyable and interactive way.

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