World Maths Day 2009 takes place on 4th March next.


World Maths Day

A unique feature of World of World Maths Day is that it will run for 48 hours, once it is March 4th somewhere in the world. It will begin in Ireland on Tuesday March 3rd at 11.00 hours. The first World Maths Day took place on Tuesday 13th March 2007 with 287,000 pupils from 98 countries taking part and answering 10 million Mathematics questions in 48 hours. Last year 1 million pupils in 200 countries took part. Registration for this year’s event is now open and pupils can begin getting in some practice for the big day immediately. Each Maths game lasts for 60 seconds and the pupils are pitted against up to six other participants of similar ages from all around the globe. The class teacher can register his/her class, receive an e-mail back with instructions and the link to add pupils. Once pupils have been added print off and distribute user logon and passwords for the pupils. If pupils have broadband at home, many will want to go online there too.

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