What vision do the main political parties have for learners in the 21st Century?

clip_image002In the coming weeks many politicians will call to your home or school seeking your vote and promising to bring about “change”. But how many of them have considered what impact digital media should have on learning in the 21st century. Interestingly the most recent edition of Silicon Republic published a story entitled, Today’s Digital Classroom, which provides a glimpse of what is possible. But we need to even go further in our thinking and in considering what is possible using digital technology and be brave in creating a new vision for learning in the 21st century.
PBS in the US will broadcast a programme on February 13, 2011 entitled, Digital Media – New Learners Of The 21st Century, that promises to give any future Ministers of Education food for thought. If the promo on the website is anything to go by then this programme will be worth viewing on the PBS site. Take a few minutes to view the videos on the homepage and watch leading experts such as John Seely Brown, Katie Salen, Mimi Ito and others share their views on how digital media can transform learning in today’s society. Why not forward the link to your local election candidates and see what they think, because after all this election is supposed to be about change?

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