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Lisa Neilson's blogThe Internet is all-pervasive in today’s world and it is increasingly becoming an essential element of all our lives. There is now a real need to educate all in society on how to use this powerful technology in meaningful ways. All too often people only use it to navigate and consume other people’s ideas and content online but there is so much more we can do.

Lisa Neilsen, the Innovative Educator, posted a link to the Mozilla Web Literacy Map and to the resources they have created to help people to become web literate by developing their competences and skills in this space.addresses everything from navigation to coding and gives a nice structure for teachers looking to equip their learners with these Key 21st century skills.

 The Web Literacy Map


 She goes on to state that:

Webmaker training siteThis week, Mozilla and Peer2Peer University began offering Webmaker Training, comprised of four, free online mini-courses aimed at helping educators learn and teach web literacy skills. The courses cover: 

  • the basics of web literacy;
  • how to use Mozilla’s Webmaker tools for teaching and developing open educational resources;
  • using open and participatory learning techniques to teach web literacy and digital skills in your classroom, during workshops or at events;
  • how to build relationships–locally and globally–to help you achieve greater impact.

So start here and check out the training materials and tell us what you think?

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