Using ClassDojo for ePortfolios

Many of us are familiar with ClassDojo. As a tool that can be easily used to promote and record behaviour in our classrooms. Our school are currently exploring the different types of digital resources available that could be used as ePortfolios. In doing so we have stumbled upon the ePortfolio feature in ClassDojo. And have found it to be easy to use and very effective. In addition to this ClassDojo is something our whole staff is familiar with and so the transition to using it as an ePortfolio will be much smoother.

How the ePortfolio tool works:

The ePortfolio feature is very easy to use. It is on the home tab and once accessed allows the teacher to choose a method for students to log in. A simple QR code allows students to access there own account where they can upload images/documents/slideshows videos and recordings that they have done in class. If there is a class device such as a tablet, students can easily log in, take a picture of some of their work, add some text or audio and then log out in seconds. no need for log in passwords and /or usernames (which are also available if need be).

Adding Parents:

The ClassDojo application/website also makes it easy for teachers to add parents to view the students work. The teachers can invite the parents using contact phone numbers, emails or by printing off letters and sending them home with the students.

Teacher activities:

Teachers can easily assign tasks for their students to do. They can put titles on the

assignments and choose how students are to respond from a range of different options. Once the activity is assigned, the user friendly interface makes it easy to track how many students have responded and how many are still pending. Once students submit a response it has to be verified by the teacher.

ClassDojo also permits teachers to add in additional teachers as co-teachers to the portfolio. This means that resource teachers and other teachers who may do some work with the students can also upload the children’s work and set activities for them to complete.


Once the students have been assigned a task and successfully uploaded a response their work is stored under their name in the portfolio section of the ClassDojo website. Classes can be archived at the end of the year but parents can still be granted access to the portfolio. If teachers choose to, they can block comments and there is even the option to set quiet hours. This works by setting up a certain time of the day when comments and messages do not go through and do not notify the teacher. Then, at a chosen time the teacher is notified of any new comment requests. From experimenting with a few other ePortfolio resources, ClassDojo seems to be the most seamless and user friendly option. The set up is quick and easy and uploading materials can be done in minutes and without chaos unfolding in the class. The teacher has control over notifications, interactions and comments through a user friendly interface and the parents can receive regular updates on the ePortfolio.


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