Updates to Microsoft Teams that make a difference

Updates to Microsoft Teams that make a difference


The assignments tab in Microsoft Teams

The Assignments tab built into teams shows teachers what assignments are in draft or published, graded or ungraded. Students and teachers can stay on task, fully aware of deadlines and motivated to achieve more.


Student View

This feature is amazing, letting teachers see how students view the assignments that they have created.


Close dates in assignments

Make the feedback loop easier to implement in your class. This allows your students time to improve their work based on feedback after the final submission date.

Share to Teams button

The share to teams button makes it easier for you to bring the world to your classroom. Many of your favorite apps and websites will have a share to teams button to make bringing content into your team a much more simplified process. This saves teachers and students precious time that can be used to focus on what matters,


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Immersive Reader built into Teams!

Immersive Reader allows the members of your team to communicate and collaborate together in an inclusive and accessible environment.  



Microsoft MakeCode assignments!

Microsoft Teams now supports MakeCode assignments. Allowing you to create immersive and engaging assignments that promote student creativity and critical thinking.


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