TECH_WEEK’s Curiosity Challenge, are you up for it?

WCuriosirty Challenge bannere recently covered TECH WEEK_2020 on the TeachNet Blog, Ireland’s nationwide annual festival of technology aimed at students, parents and the general public, taking place from march 28th to April 3rd. However, Tech Week’s Curiosity Challenge is fresh off the press and considering that classes participating could win  an in-school Tech Workshop, we thought it best to revisit the subject…

The Tech Week Curiosity Challenge is designed to unpack computational thinking and deliver a fun activity where students will develop their team work, problem solving, creativity, empathy and communication skills.

Technology is shaping every area of life including: education, health, environment, social interaction, leisure, citizenship and more and the Curiosity Challenge is designed to make student’s more aware of technology around them and related careers in diverse sectors like Sports Tech, Health Tech, Green Tech and more.

“What would you invent using technology to help your community?”

That’s the challenge! Get your class into groups of three or more, have them think about a problem and how they would INVENT a technology that will help solve that problem. Technologists are driven by curiosity and Tech Week wants to hear all your smart ideas! For more on what to do, download the challenge guide & worksheet (DOCX).

To be entered in the draw for an in-school workshop, upload completed worksheets or pictures of group presentations on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram by April 6th, tagging @techweekirl and using the hashtags #TechWeek2020 #TechWeekIRL Alternatively, you can submit completed challenges via email to

For more ways to get involved in Tech Week 2020, see

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