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I recently came across a free online course from HP! It’s a 5 module / 5 hour course with some interesting content. Ok! Up front! It’s definitely aimed at the American education sector as it constantly refers to the new US Common Core State Standards (CCSS), especially in module 2; however as I mentioned in the opening sentence, there is some really interesting  content here and I’ve only viewed 2 modules!
The 5 modules are:
1: Strategies for becoming a more effective teacher using technology

2: Using the framework to implement the US Common Core State Standards

3: Using learning objectives to help students monitor their progress

4: Using feedback to help students gauge their progress

5: Getting the best from students: reinforcing effort and providing recognition

Modules 1 and 2 are currently available with modules 3 and 4 opening up on the 1st of May; module 5 opens on the 1st of June.
So why have I written that some of the content is interesting? I found the 1st module both revisionist and thought provoking. I particularly liked reviewing the strategies for creating an environment for learning, helping students develop understanding and helping students extend and apply their knowledge.







The video files were informative and it struck me that although the teachers expressing opinions were from American schools, their experiences were common to most classroom environments around the world. (Module 1: Video file “How teachers Apply Technology Effectively).
I also viewed some new terminologies; well new to me! For example “Kinesthetic Technology”; I learned that this means using technologies that interact with users geographical and /or physical locations and movements (Wii©, XBoxConnect©, GPS devices, V.Smile Motion©, and Star Chart©.)

graphic technology groupsThe education links provided in the first two modules lead to informative and substantive web sites; for example ISTE and an overview of the SAMR model. I spent a considerable amount of time going through the content on this site from the Florida Centre for Instructional Technology. (Similar in concept to our own PDST Technology in Educational e-Learning model but using different language.)
Overall I’m enjoying this free course and I’m looking forward to the remaining modules!

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