Teacher Professional Development Sourcebook

clip_image002Everyone seems to be agreed that teacher professional development is essential if teachers are to successfully integrate ICT into their classroom teaching.  Here is an interesting publication from Education Weekthat highlights a number of interesting projects and ideas associated with 21st century learning.  Though some may contest the notion of 21st century teaching and learning there is now widespread agreement that we need to teach in very different ways to reach today’s students, who have been raised with a plethora of digital tools.  This new vision of learning sees the learners actively involved in constructing their own knowledge.  This resource contains lots of interesting articles and I have just highlighted a few.  Will Richardson, a good friend of TeachNet, has written a thought provoking piece entitled, Change Agent, which discusses the role of the teacher in schools today.  There is also an interesting piece on one US school district’s experiences of creating a New Culture of Teaching and Learning for a 21st century society.  All in all this is a very interesting sourcebook and it concludes with an article entitled, The Coming Age of the Teacherpreneur, which is thought provoking to say the least. 

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